Monthly Archives: December 2017

December 10-17, 2017

I taught the Plan of Salvation to the Jones family—parents and three kids. The oldest is in college, a 16 year old, and a 6 year old. I decided to direct my lesson to the 6 year old boy, who is pretty active. So instead of teaching from the poster, I first showed a short animated video about the Plan and then gave him a wooden puzzle to put together. He amazed us by being attentive during the lesson and he put the puzzle pieces together while naming each one correctly. I think the lesson went well.

This week Papi and I cleaned the temple from 10 to midnight. I got to vacuum two endowment rooms, the waiting rooms, and the celestial room. It was a good experience, because I had never done this before. It was super late when we got home, and I was glad the next day was P-day, so I could sleep in.

Saturday night Papi, Gram, and I were invited to the BYU/Utah basketball game in Provo. Because they are rivals, the stadium was packed—no empty seats anywhere. We had excellent seats right in front, and could see everything. The best part was that BYU won 77 to 65 and the fans were loud and excited. It was fun and I really enjoyed it, even though we didn’t get home until after midnight.


December 9-10, 2017


My grandparents are now great-grandparents because my cousins, Maddi and Brad Richardson, had their first baby a week ago. Her name is Mia Grace, and she’s tiny and cute. When holding her, we need to be very careful to support her neck.

In Church today, we had the craziest thing happen. When Brother Lacey was closing his talk, the fire alarm went off on with a loud siren and flashing light. Then a loud voice repeated over and over, “A fire emergency in this building has been reported. Exit the building immediately and don’t use stairs or elevators!” (Ha—we don’t have either!) Brother Lacey quickly closed his talk and sat down. Everyone in the congregation looked around, wondering what to do. The bishop stood up and told everyone to go outside immediately while they checked things out. So the whole congregation got up and hurried out the door in confusion. A fire truck pulled up—not with flashing lights, but responding to the call. It turned out to be a mistake. The alarm had been set off accidentally. No fire. No smoke. Nothing. Maybe there was a faulty wire in the system. We never found out what triggered the alarm. The leaders were running around trying to find the person who had a key to open the box and disarm the annoying alarm. If anyone was sleeping during sacrament meeting—they woke up pretty fast! After disarming the alarm, we were instructed to go to our second and third hour classes as usual.

December 5-8, 2017

Sister McFarland and I decorated the Christmas tree in the seminary lobby. The students liked it when they came in so it was worth the effort.

I’ve been teaching a few more classes lately when a regular teacher can’t come at the last minute. I’m getting more confident in my teaching ability. I fixed Brother Stone’s sound system and TV to mirror his i-pad. There are still more problems to solve in other classrooms. I’ve been on the phone to tech support trying to get it all figured out. Brother Weaver appreciates my help with technology problems at the seminary. It’s something I like to do and I’m glad I can be of assistance.

December 2-3, 2017

 Saturday I helped move a family’s furniture out of their house, into a moving truck, and then helped unload the furniture into their new home. It was hard work but worth it for this good family. I started working at 10am and didn’t finish until 5pm. Gram brought over pizza and drinks at noon for all the men who were helping. (Papi was there too.) Another family in the ward was also moving that day, and I was disappointed that I couldn’t help them.

Tonight I gave Gram a priesthood blessing because she has a cold and is sick. Papi anointed with oil and I sealed it and gave her a blessing. It’s the second time I’ve done this and it was a good experience for me. Gram said she felt the Spirit and had faith that she would be better soon. There is power in priesthood blessings when it is combined with faith to be healed.

November 27-29, 2017

I believe that in our premortal life we were willing to receive the bodies that were given us. We were so happy to come to earth and receive a body, that we accepted the imperfections and disabilities we were given. Even though I have autism, I believe I accepted these challenges in premortal life. I’m grateful for my body.  I’m grateful that I can see and hear and run—and am healthy. During the millennium when we are all resurrected, our bodies will be perfected. My students who have severe disabilities won’t have any of those problems, and I’m looking forward to seeing them able to do all the things they can’t do here in this life. Maybe some of them will say thank you for helping them in seminary. Ha—maybe some will apologize for acting out and giving me a hard time!


For two days I had an opportunity to teach several classes in seminary, because the regular teacher was sick. I told Brother Weaver that I could teach and he said, “Really? That would be great. Thank you.” One lesson topic was the importance of reading the scriptures. I selected a short video from my phone to show on the TV screen as an introduction, and then taught the lesson. It was a good experience for me. Sister McFarland (another service missionary at the seminary) wrote a “Welcome to seminary—we’re glad you came” message for our students to see as they came from the school to seminary.