Build them strong and keep them tight

Build them strong and keep them tight

Spring time on our ranch in Idaho required riding horses around our property inspecting miles of barbed wire fences.  The objective: to determine areas where the fence had become weakened and needed repair. Inspecting this fence I often wondered if the fences were to keep our animals inside or to keep other animals out.  In my life I have constructed fences for both purposes: to keep unwanted things out and retain the good. Robert Frost said, ”Don’t ever take a fence down until you know why it was put up.”  Without defined boundaries (similar to fences), my life can very easily drift, so it is imperative that I first define what fences I want to establish (why it is needed) and then putting forth the effort to maintain it so it keeps “good in and bad out.”  What are ways you have found most effective to maintain your “fences”?  To be continued~

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