Never Changing Love

God's Love is Unconditional

God’s Love is Unconditional

Haven’t we all felt at times LESS than we should be?  Do we ever feel unlovable, or even unworthy of God’s love? The quotation above, from a prophet of God, reminds us that Heavenly Father’s love is CONSTANT—on good days and bad. He is the Father of our spirits, our mentor, champion and guide.  Like a tender parent, He has prepared the way for us through covenants and ordinances to successfully return into His presence and experience a fullness of joy.  He reminds us, “Remember the worth of souls is great in the sight of God” (D&C 18:10).  We are GREAT and are loved unconditionally by our Heavenly Father. This fact brings great peace to my soul knowing that as I try my best to follow Him and keep my covenants—that I will experience happiness on earth and joy beyond description in the life hereafter.

Thought to Ponder

Thought to Ponder

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