A New Slant on Repentance

What do you think of this definition of repentance? “It occurred to me recently that life is repentance, that progression and improvement and growth and maturity and refinement are all forms of repentance, and that the God-fearing live in a constant state of repentance…[having] desires for holiness and purity, longings to feel quiet confidence before God” (Robert Millet). This perspective helps me to see repentance as an ongoing attitude and movement through each day—a merging of all my thoughts, acts, desires, and longings. Repentance is my soul’s gradual unfolding and refining. Repentance requires a healthy dose of “divine discontent” to see my faults with an earnest desire to overcome them, and “a perfect brightness of hope” (2 Nephi 31:20) to maintain confidence that Christ’s atoning gift enables me to become holy. Understanding repentance in this way brings peace—another Reason to Rejoice!

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