Anonymous Giver

When you were young, did you ever put a plate of cookies on a neighbor’s doorstep, ring the bell and run away with the thrill of being an anonymous giver? Our great Exemplar of anonymous giving is the Savior, Jesus Christ. He doesn’t dramatize His offerings. Many come quietly and subtly. Oh, if I had eyes to recognize ALL the good things brought by His loving hand each day—I’d be astonished. Much of what He gives is unnoticed. He is the author of every tender mercy and sweet moment metaphorically dropped at the doorstep. Just try to catch Him in the act! But because we don’t always recognize His hand, we might give credit to ourselves or to fate, luck or coincidence. Or accept them as our right or due. Often good things slip past without being noticed at all. God gives and gives; we take and take. I can do better to become keenly observant—to see, recognize and express gratitude—for every small and mighty good thing. It might be a sunset, kind thought, rescue, good idea, warm hug, or change of heart. In the very moment I will acknowledge His gift with a smile and silent prayer.


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