Bite-Sized Temptations

We had oodles of Halloween candy left after trick-or-treaters were gone. I looked at the tiny bite-sized Snicker bars and decided it was a metaphor for an important principle. I would never go in a store and treat myself to a full-sized Snicker bar. My conscience wouldn’t let me. But I can easily gobble down a bunch of mini Snickers—more than the equivalent of a full-sized bar—with barely a twinge of guilt. Why? Because they are just tiny bites, right? Here’s the principle: The adversary knows I wouldn’t be tempted to commit grievous sins like murder, adultery, theft, or deception. Instead, he dangles tiny bite-sized temptations to slowly draw me away from the light. He coaxes little rationales such as: Just this once. Everyone’s doing it. No one will know. Let someone else help. Too tired. Too busy. Too hard. Quit trying. These are the tiny bite-sized temptations that can effectively draw us off the Savior’s path. So, I’m going to recognize the adversary’s subtle ploys and fight back with determination to keep trying, never give up. As I pray for strength to endure hard things, the Lord will lift me beyond every temptation. He promises: “I am with you to bless you and deliver you forever” (D&C 108:8).

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