Council to Myself

Recently, my son asked: “What counsel would you give yourself if you were standing at a point 20 years from now?” After thinking a moment, I decided that I would tell myself to accept and celebrate CHANGE. I need that counsel because right now I resist change and crave familiarity. But change means opportunity for growth. With every change comes something new to celebrate. And from a mere physical standpoint, I need to accept the inevitable changes in health and appearance that come with aging. For example, yesterday I saw photos of myself from various angles which were very unflattering. After the initial shock, I lectured myself to accept these changes—rather than resist them—and celebrate the improvements that come with aging, such as greater understanding and wisdom, joy and compassion. Aging is part of God’s plan for our mortal experience. Instead of becoming discouraged or sad when familiarity is pulled out from under my feet, and agonizing challenges emerge, I will look for God’s tender mercies. I will focus on the sweet moments and miracles. I want to reflect joy and celebrate each day. I want to change—to become better, not bitter by the things I experience. That’s the counsel I would give myself from a 20-year vantage point.

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