December 10-17, 2017

I taught the Plan of Salvation to the Jones family—parents and three kids. The oldest is in college, a 16 year old, and a 6 year old. I decided to direct my lesson to the 6 year old boy, who is pretty active. So instead of teaching from the poster, I first showed a short animated video about the Plan and then gave him a wooden puzzle to put together. He amazed us by being attentive during the lesson and he put the puzzle pieces together while naming each one correctly. I think the lesson went well.

This week Papi and I cleaned the temple from 10 to midnight. I got to vacuum two endowment rooms, the waiting rooms, and the celestial room. It was a good experience, because I had never done this before. It was super late when we got home, and I was glad the next day was P-day, so I could sleep in.

Saturday night Papi, Gram, and I were invited to the BYU/Utah basketball game in Provo. Because they are rivals, the stadium was packed—no empty seats anywhere. We had excellent seats right in front, and could see everything. The best part was that BYU won 77 to 65 and the fans were loud and excited. It was fun and I really enjoyed it, even though we didn’t get home until after midnight.


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