December 18-23, 2017

When one of my students I’ll call Mike (not his real name) moved to a seminary closer to his home, I was sad to hear that he’s having a hard time adjusting. When I get my truck in a few weeks, I got permission from Brother Weaver to drive to the new seminary (25 minutes from Alpine), and be my student’s missionary (for the first hour) until he feels comfortable there. Afterward, I’ll drive back to the Dan Peterson Seminary for the rest of the day. I don’t mind doing this for whole semester if it would help him. Mike likes me, and I miss him since he left. On our last day of seminary for 2017, we had a delicious catered luncheon for all the seminary missionaries, so we could see each other one last time before 2018.

While seminary was on break, I worked at the bishops’ storehouse, because they were super busy and needed extra hands. The busiest day was Saturday the 23rd, because so many patrons needed food for the holidays. It was so crowded that there was hardly room to push the carts around.

On Friday, the service missionaries working at the bishops’ storehouse had a party hosted by the senior missionary couple. It was fun. We ate pizza, played games, and had a white elephant exchange. It was fun to see my old friends from last August. But I also met a few new service missionaries and two were sisters. I’ll be back working at the storehouse during the summer.

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