December 25-26, 2017

I woke up Christmas morning to snow! Finally! This has been a dry year for snow, and I’ve been anxious to serve our neighbors by snow-blowing their driveways. So I pulled on all my snow gear and did some energetic snow-blowing for 7 homes in the neighborhood.

We drove over to the developmental center to do a little service there, but received wrong information, because no cars were in the parking lot, so we came home and had breakfast, then opened gifts. I was very happy to get the Apple watch I had wanted!

For lunch we piled up two trays of Christmas dinner and delivered to a family who was in the process of moving. The day after Christmas, we helped load the moving truck and unload it to their new home.

My first Christmas as a missionary was a good one. We did lots of service and the emphasis was on the Spirit of Christ. I showed a video clip called, “The Spirit of Christmas” to the family, and challenged everyone to focus on bringing the Spirit of Christ into our lives.

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