December 9-10, 2017


My grandparents are now great-grandparents because my cousins, Maddi and Brad Richardson, had their first baby a week ago. Her name is Mia Grace, and she’s tiny and cute. When holding her, we need to be very careful to support her neck.

In Church today, we had the craziest thing happen. When Brother Lacey was closing his talk, the fire alarm went off on with a loud siren and flashing light. Then a loud voice repeated over and over, “A fire emergency in this building has been reported. Exit the building immediately and don’t use stairs or elevators!” (Ha—we don’t have either!) Brother Lacey quickly closed his talk and sat down. Everyone in the congregation looked around, wondering what to do. The bishop stood up and told everyone to go outside immediately while they checked things out. So the whole congregation got up and hurried out the door in confusion. A fire truck pulled up—not with flashing lights, but responding to the call. It turned out to be a mistake. The alarm had been set off accidentally. No fire. No smoke. Nothing. Maybe there was a faulty wire in the system. We never found out what triggered the alarm. The leaders were running around trying to find the person who had a key to open the box and disarm the annoying alarm. If anyone was sleeping during sacrament meeting—they woke up pretty fast! After disarming the alarm, we were instructed to go to our second and third hour classes as usual.

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