Divine Homesickness

o-WOMAN-LOOKING-SKY-facebook[1]When I first left home for college, I felt pangs of homesickness. But I am thinking about divine homesickness, which C.S. Lewis described as “longing for fatherland.” It’s hard to define, but I think everyone feels this tug from time to time—a sigh after hearing a strain of music, a wistful gaze into a starry sky, a warm embrace of divine blessing, a longing for something better than we experience on earth. Henry B. Eyring said, “You and I, and all of our Father’s children will someday know that being with God is being Home.” A hymn also describes this kind of homesickness: “For a wise and glorious purpose, [God] has placed me here on earth, and withheld the recollection of my former friends and birth. Yet oftimes a secret something whispered, ‘You’re a stranger here,’ and I felt that I had wandered from a more exalted sphere” (Eliza R. Snow). Though I cherish life with all my heart, I feel that I am a stranger here. I have left my heavenly home for the “University of Mortality” so to speak. My tuition was paid by my Savior so I could learn important lessons and tests of faith—and return to Him clean and improved. Our heavenly home must be a compelling abode because God veiled our memory like a merciful anesthetic. Otherwise we might not be able to endure the separation. An intense memory of that homeland might interfere with our ability to find joy here on earth. I’m grateful to know that I am a child of God, that He has a plan and purpose for me, that He has made every provision for my safe return HOME. This is truly a REASON TO REJOICE!

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