Eating Together as a Family

Eating meals around a table as a family is becoming a thing of the past. But it’s a sad departure. In our fast-paced world, it takes planning to orchestrate a routine of sitting down together for at least one meal a day. Intimacy and bonding take place as family members face each other around a table. Too often they grab a bite standing up or on the run. Here are a few reasons that families can benefit by eating together around a table:

  • Better menu preparation happens when seated around a nicely set table. Food is served more attractively.
  • Manners are taught, expected, and practiced.
  • Families pray together in thanksgiving for the food.
  • Thoughts, feelings, and concerns are expressed as family members converse and learn about each other.
  • Parents can invite uplifting conversation about current issues, values, activities, and plans.
  • Responsibility can be taught by giving assignments to help prepare food and wash dishes.

I think that these important interactions taking place around a table are more nourishing than the actual food being eaten. I’d like to hear your comments about this.

2 thoughts on “Eating Together as a Family

  1. Luana

    When we were in Colorado and our son, Rob, was on the track team, his coach was aware of his attending early-morning seminary every morning before school and somehow found out that we ate dinner every night together. The coach would actually dock points for Rob if he ever missed seminary. Anyway, Rob had a team mate who was in trouble, so he asked Rob to be his friend and to suggest that among other things, that he start eating dinner every night with his family. I thought that very interesting as we just took that time as a family for granted. I also remember some wonderful dinner times at the Griffin table where we conversed about world events, politics, and many more subjects of great interest. I Loved it!

    1. Lois Post author

      It’s interesting that Rob’s coach considered eating dinner together as a family an unusual but special thing–and a way to help this young man in trouble, when it seems ordinary to families who do it regularly. But what a great example! And also impressive that the coach actually docked Rob points for missing seminary. He obviously could see the value of it–also the discipline required to get up early. I also have fond memories as a child joining with your family especially on Sundays, eating together. It was bonding and nourishing and enlightening all at the same time!


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