Family Scripture Study

With all the gains in technology, some things have been lost—like reading together as a family. I’m grateful for counsel from our prophets to have family scripture study every day. It might go like this: Parents call the children to gather. They each take turns reading a few verses. Even the toddler joins in, repeating the words read by an older sibling. They talk about the principles and how to apply them, ending by kneeling together in family prayer. The session doesn’t have to be long—just consistent. “Most of us would not shirk from the task of defending our families if they were in physical danger—even giving up our own lives, if necessary. Yet are we as quick to make the less obvious sacrifices necessary to protect our families from spiritual dangers?” (Robert Eaton). Children are strengthened as they ponder and practice principles of truth. They are armed with spiritual defense against temptations and worldly influences. Families are unified in common direction and purpose. Family scripture study produces strong and spiritually healthy children.

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