Fork in the Road


Which one? - Photo compliments WordPress

Which one? – Photo compliments WordPress

Observing each of our children growing-up was an adventure. They came with individual talents and personality traits.  Even though they were raised by the same parents, ate the same food, interacted with the same family members and attended the same schools, they were each different.  From a parent perspective, this is one of the enriching elements of raising children. The fact that they came to this earth with unique characteristics raises an associated question in my mind: Why do some children make it through their adolescent years without striking out against their parent and family values? And why do others struggles who were reared in the same environment? We are faced with choices each day regarding the direction we will take, indeed many forks in the road of life. As a parent, what have you discovered to be most influential in guiding your child toward the path leading to real happiness?

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  1. Ross

    Great question Alan. As long as the kids make the same decision I would make, I’m perfectly fine with them exercising
    their free agency. It only becomes a challenge when they are not willing to make the same decision that I would! For us, I think the Lord’s example is the most influential. Your description could easily have described our situation in the pre-earth life. We all had the same loving, heavenly parents. And, yet, we lost a third part of the hosts of heaven because they wouldn’t follow Heavenly Father’s Plan. I think we have finally come to the conclusion that the best thing we can do for our children is to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ like we really believe it, i.e., keep the commandments, be fully committed and live as an example to them. I’ve made enough mistakes in my own life now to know that in overcoming them, they are tremendous stepping stones in returning Heavenly Father’s presence. I now realize that the mistakes that my kids will make are not likely to be the same ones I made!

    1. Alan Post author

      Thank you Ross for your comments. The question we are discussing, as you suggested, had its roots well before this earth life where our souls were formed and personalities shaped. Coming to this earth into our families allowed these character traits to develop which largely influences our behavior patterns. I agree with your statement regarding what we as parents can best do for our children, to live fully and with complete exactness, the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Sometimes I have erred by trying to enforce free agency…….ironic isn’t it. As we look to the scriptures for their teachings, combined with the words of the living prophet, the pattern for assisting our children during adolescent years will be better defined. We are following the admonition of the Prophet Joseph Smith when he said, “I teach them correct principles and they govern themselves.” We have hope and faith good choices will be made by those we love so we can become eternal families.


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