Getting Rid of Undesirables

Needing Some (?) Work Here

Needing Some (?) Work Here

When I have unused items, I have to remind myself that it is better to sort and discard rather than accumulate piles of clutter. I have found that if I regularly rid myself of undesirables, my life is more manageable and I have peace of mind. It’s easier to maintain order day by day than to tackle a daunting stockpile. This principle has a spiritual counterpart: REPENTANCE. The key is to regularly repent of mistakes day by day rather than letting them build up into a huge job to perform. Long standing habits make repentance more difficult. Repentance is not an incidental or casual thing. In ancient times, wise King Benjamin taught his people the principle of “retaining a remission of your sins from day to day” (Mosiah 4:26). There is merit in keeping spiritually clean from day to day. Repentance and forgiveness need to occur in a regular pattern of daily orderliness. My goal is to implement these principles in my spiritual as well as temporal life.

What ways have you found to de-clutter your life?

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