Honoring a True Warrior

Beloved Friend, Nephew, and Warrior

Beloved Friend, Nephew, and Warrior

I want to pay tribute to a valiant Marine veteran who paid the ultimate price for his country. My nephew, Steve J Anderson, was born in Idaho Falls, Idaho in 1949. Following his graduation from Brigham Young University, he joined the Marine Corp where he mastered flying the F-16 fighter jet. His expertise and dedication pushed him to become one of the Top Gun instructors within the Corps. While performing a difficult maneuver over the Atlantic Ocean, his F-16 flamed out with time only to get his Radar Instrument Officer out of the plane before it crashed into the ocean. It was June 1, 1979. At age 30, he gave his life, leaving behind his loving wife and four young children. I honor this courageous soldier. By congressional act, November 11 was made a legal holiday, originally called “Armistice Day.” After World War II’s enormous toll of military fatalities, the act was amended in 1954, to replace the word, “Armistice” with the word, “Veteran,” and honor American veterans of all wars. Ooh Rah—Semper Fidelis (Always Faithful).


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  1. Lois Post author

    This piece was written by my husband–who logged in under my name. What a great tribute to his nephew, Steve Anderson as well as all veterans who gave their lives for us to enjoy freedom.


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