How to Make it Happen?

Scripture Time!I want to say more about how families can make scripture study happen. Sessions don’t need to be long or profound to be successful; they just need to be consistent. There’s no right or wrong way to do it. Whatever method works for a family at a particular time is the best way. For example, our daughter’s family reads just before kids get tucked into bed—every night like clockwork. They take turns reading and discussing personal application. Even the 4-year-old participates. Our son gathers his family very early in the morning, calling out—“Scripture time!”—as the children shuffle into the room in their pajamas, wrapped in blankets. They snuggle close together on the sofa while they read. Our daughter’s family studies scriptures together over breakfast before leaving for school. Our son’s family selects a single verse of scripture to unpack piece by piece so they can thoroughly understand and apply. Always, after scripture study, the families kneel to pray, expressing gratitude, asking for the Lord’s protection and abiding Spirit. What better way can parents send their beloved children out into the world? Let’s keep trying. It is worth the effort.


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