Identity That No One Can Steal

Much is reported in the media about identity theft—a valid concern. But is there identity which no one can steal? Discovering one’s personal identity is an interesting pursuit. How are we known to ourselves—and to others? Here’s a clue: Tell me what you are busy about, and I will tell you what you are” (Goethe). “A man is known by the books he reads, by the company he keeps, by the praise he gives, by his dress, by his tastes, by his distastes, by the stories he tells, by his gait, by the motion of his eye, by the look of his house, of his chamber…” (Ralph Waldo Emerson). “People around you can tell who you are; they can see it in your eyes and feel the spirit you radiate as they associate with you” (Jayne Malan). These are the measures of real identity that no one can steal. But a sober responsibility is attached to it. “There is a responsibility which no man can evade; that responsibility is his personal influence, the subtle radiation of personality, the effect of his words and his actions on others. Every man has an atmosphere which is affecting every other man” (David O. McKay). This identity is to be protected and cherished, so it is of great worth.

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