I’m Digging


What doing, Dad? Courtesy bobvila

What doing, Dad?
Courtesy bobvila

Our son was digging sprinkler ditches in his yard while his little two-year-old looked on curiously. “What doing, Dad?” His father smiled and answered, “I’m digging.” The toddler didn’t know about sprinkler systems or even that grass needed to be watered. His father could have told him that he’d rented a trencher and prepared the ground for PVC pipe, but since it had rained, the trenches needed to be carved out so that the sprinkler heads would stand at the right height. All these details would have sailed over the toddler’s head. The answer, “I’m digging” satisfied the youngster completely. It was enough. Our son related the parallel of how prayers are often answered. Our loving Heavenly Father reveals the right balance of information to match our spiritual maturity. Profuse detail would sail over our heads to confuse and overwhelm. God gives just enough light to illuminate the immediate steps we need to take.

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