Is is Work or is it Play?

It’s possible to turn work into play. I’m trying to learn how to enjoy each task I’m presently doing, no matter how tedious. The difference between work and play may be hard to define. For me, making a quilt is play; arranging a bulletin board for a classroom is work. Yet, on close scrutiny, these two tasks have similar elements. Both require mathematical calculations and measuring, cutting, fitting, creating, and cleaning up a mess. What makes one work and the other play is my ATTITUDE about it. Drudgery can turn into pleasure if infused with happy thoughts. I can smile while I work. I can create a pleasing ambience for my tasks. I can listen to music or uplifting media while I work. I can look for the positive aspects of my chore. “You must love your work, and not be always looking over the edge of it, wanting your play to begin” (George Eliot). Since work absorbs the majority of hours in each day, I want to learn how to more fully enjoy it. With a twist of attitude I can turn my work into play, making it one more Reason to Rejoice!

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