January 1-7, 2018

We spent New Year’s Day taking down Christmas inside and also the outside lights. Then of course Papi had to watch football. I didn’t have to go back to work until January 3, so I had time to relax.

Brother Weaver called to ask if I’d be able to help out with a problem. I’ve mentioned before that my student, Mike (not his real name) was having a hard time adjusting to being moved to the new seminary at Horizon. The problem was that Mike’s missionary was going to be absent, and Brother Weaver asked if I could drive out there for first period to help. Of course I said yes. I wanted to do that anyway. It’s actually about a 30-minute drive to Horizon each way across heavy traffic. When Mike first saw me he was surprised, but happy to see me. I think this is going to help for me to be there. So, for just one week, after first period finishes, I will drive to Dan Peterson for the rest of the day.

I’ve been getting lots of driving practice in preparation for getting my truck. I’ll fly to AZ on the 11th, and drive it back with my dad on the 13th. I’m excited to finally have my own truck—something I’ve worked hard for and looked forward to. I’m grateful to my parents for buying this for me.

When the Church announced that priests are now able to witness and perform baptisms in the temple, I was interested to know how it would impact my shift. Sure enough, lots of priests showed up Saturday and I didn’t get to do a single baptism. But priests can’t confirm or record, which is a Melchizekek duty, so I was still able to participate in those ordinances. It was a busy day, mostly with youth.

We had an excellent adult session of stake conference Saturday night, and again Sunday morning. Good speakers, well prepared and inspired. In companion study, we each took a turn sharing how we can improve personally during 2018.

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