Look How Far We Have Come!

The Lord measures growth, not height. He celebrates our progress and desire to improve. We should do the same when evaluating our marriage relationship. Ask: In what ways are we getting better? My sweetheart and I have always loved each other dearly. But we weren’t at first what we have become today. We have been continually growing with stronger bonds of endearment, trust, understanding, and communication. This reminds me of hiking Mt. Timpanogos years ago. As we trudged up the steep slopes, my eyes were focused on each step. The higher we went, the more labored was my breath. Because my eyes were focused on stepping carefully along the narrow path, I didn’t enjoy the perspective of our vertical ascent. Then we stopped and turned around. We were amazed to see clouds hovering far below, with the long, winding trail disappearing underneath. Had we really come this far? We hadn’t yet reached the top, but we stopped to celebrate where we were at that moment. In our marriages, we need to occasionally stop and turn around—and view how far we have come. Ask each other: How have we grown, individually and as a couple? What wonderful traits have we discovered in each other over the years that we didn’t know at first? Take time to appreciate and celebrate where you are at this moment—this very moment!

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