Marriage Allows Different Strengths to Come Together

Eternal Marriage

Eternal Marriage

I have been blessed with a wonderful wife, companion, and friend. During our years of marriage, we have recognized that we possess individual strengths which are different—even opposite from each other. Rather than viewing them as divisive or annoying, we have chosen to celebrate our differences. Some of my wife’s strengths are my weak areas, and vice versa. But combined together, we make a greater whole. Criticism has no place in our marriage, but mutual praises are abundant. We want to build—not tear down. “Marriage allows these different characteristics to come together in oneness—in unity…When used as the Lord intends, those capacities allow a married couple to think, act, and rejoice as one—to face challenges together and overcome them as one, to grow in love and understanding, and through temple ordinances, to be bound together as one whole, eternally” (Preparing for Eternal Marriage Teacher Manual). Combining our strengths fires our desire to be together throughout the eternities as husband and wife. A reason to rejoice!

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