Never Suppress a Generous Thought

tieI love this story! Spencer W. Kimball’s neighbor sewed him a tie as a gift. She crossed the lawn to his house and rang the doorbell, when suddenly was overcome with second thoughts about her humble offering. What if he wouldn’t like it? It was humbly homemade. Answering the door, Camilla Kimball gratefully accepted the gift for her absent husband, while the neighbor stammered her reticence to give it. Camilla kindly reassured her friend with these words: “Never suppress a generous thought.” That line pierced my soul, and I grabbed a needle—not to sew a tie—but to stitch the quote on muslin to frame and remember forever. Every kind idea that pops into my mind to lift another should be acted on—not rationalized away. For me, these quiet promptings usually appear insignificant. I find myself rationalizing that the recipient wouldn’t want or need my offering—or they’re busy—or I worry about intruding on private time—or that my humble offering is too small.  But the breeze of generous thoughts will flow into my mind more abundantly if I heed the promptings and recognize the real Giver, who is God. It was President Kimball who coined this familiar phrase: “God does notice us, and He watches over us. But it is usually through another person that He meets our needs.” I’m learning that the small and simple things are never insignificant!

One thought on “Never Suppress a Generous Thought

  1. Mollie

    I remember being taught this principle as a child, and having it modeled well. If a compliment popped into my head I was quick to bestow it. As an adult I often second guess myself and more often hold back. Why? This post was such a great reminder!


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