New Beginnings

Just as each new day celebrates the rising of the sun, we too can be filled with optimism, faith, and hope to face the day’s challenges.  During particularly challenging or dark times, remember the brightness felt as the sun warmed our souls as it peered over the horizon.  If overwhelmed know that tomorrow will bring yet another beginning.

2 thoughts on “New Beginnings

  1. Alan Post author

    Max thank you for your comment. I know we share a common farm background, which might partly explain our approaching each day with an early start and associated enthusiasm. Using our words,” to face the challenges of life” in a productive manner will vary by individuals, but is a must. If the day tends to wear us down, allowing negative thoughts, it is imperative that we turn toward the source of light and truth through prayer to our Heavenly Father. Prayer is a powerful and uplifting tool. Further, as we have both been blessed with wonderful wives, they can also help keep us pointed in the right direction.

  2. Max Eldon Jones

    I do know one thing for certain. It is more productive to face the challenges of life in the morning verses late at night. How come we have so many negative thoughts at night? I’m grateful for the start of a new day. Max


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