November 16-19, 2017

For Thanksgiving, Papi, Gram, and I made the trip to Monument, Colorado to visit family members who live there: Uncle Ben and Aunt Bri, and my six cousins, and Uncle Erin and Aunt Becca and three cousins. Uncle Curt and Aunt Mollie and my four cousins from El Paso drove to Monument too, so it was a big group and we had lots of fun. Also, Uncle Mike and Aunt Patti came to visit which was awesome. Family is really important to me.

Uncle Erin drove us on a steep, rocky trail up Mt. Herman in his cool truck which is a lifted Toyota Tundra 4×4 crew cab which seats 6. The trail was so narrow there was barely room for one vehicle. Great views at the top. Colorado is beautiful.

Later Erin and Papi and I made a table for Aunt Becca in a heated garage, which was a good thing because it snowed that day.


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