November 27-29, 2017

I believe that in our premortal life we were willing to receive the bodies that were given us. We were so happy to come to earth and receive a body, that we accepted the imperfections and disabilities we were given. Even though I have autism, I believe I accepted these challenges in premortal life. I’m grateful for my body.  I’m grateful that I can see and hear and run—and am healthy. During the millennium when we are all resurrected, our bodies will be perfected. My students who have severe disabilities won’t have any of those problems, and I’m looking forward to seeing them able to do all the things they can’t do here in this life. Maybe some of them will say thank you for helping them in seminary. Ha—maybe some will apologize for acting out and giving me a hard time!


For two days I had an opportunity to teach several classes in seminary, because the regular teacher was sick. I told Brother Weaver that I could teach and he said, “Really? That would be great. Thank you.” One lesson topic was the importance of reading the scriptures. I selected a short video from my phone to show on the TV screen as an introduction, and then taught the lesson. It was a good experience for me. Sister McFarland (another service missionary at the seminary) wrote a “Welcome to seminary—we’re glad you came” message for our students to see as they came from the school to seminary.


2 thoughts on “November 27-29, 2017

  1. Karmel Newell

    Thank you for your testimony of the plan of salvation, Elder Weir. I don’t know when I have heard a more powerful witness of the sanctity of the body and the promise of the resurrection. Thanks for teaching us! We hope you will come and teach us again. 🙂


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