October 23-29, 2017

Things have been going about the same in seminary and the temple. Nothing new to report. Took a bike ride with Papi. Saw lots of deer in our yard—mostly bucks with racks. When we took pictures, they hardly moved. It’s deer hunting season. Maybe the bucks thought it would be safer to hang out in our back yard than in the mountains. Lots of leaves are falling and our grass is covered—hardly showing any green. I rode the tractor over the leaves to vacuum them up, then blew the rest off our patio. Still more leaves coming down, which means more work to do.


Sunday night we celebrated Gram’s birthday at the Dunns’ house. Ate a delicious dinner and Maddi made a cake. Amy couldn’t find candles but we sang “Happy Birthday” and then made her tell us the story of her birth. It was during World War II when her father had been drafted into the Army and deployed to Belgium. It was an interesting story. Some of the details I hadn’t heard before.


One thought on “October 23-29, 2017

  1. Patti Weir

    So enjoyed the news and loved the photo of the family gathering to celebrate Grams birthday!!!! Happy Birthday dear Lois !!!! Jacob I love that you are such a big help to your grandparents and what a fabulous experience to have the wild life right in your back yard…special. We finally saw a fox recently, not many around anymore and that is sad. Looking for Eagles that nest nearby in a protected area near the lake. Amazing to observe. Our leaves have fallen and it is so beautiful and love the smell of Fall. Been raking until blisters took me out of the yard, l really enjoy raking leaves, seems my hands aren’t as crazy about it.!! Cold outside and I was lazy and didn’t swim this morning. Uncle Mike is walking along the river now and I will fix him a grilled cheese sandwich and a cup of tomato soup soon…so I will check in on you soon.
    Love to you and everyone,
    Aunt Patti


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