October 30-November 5, 2017

At seminary today there were two students assigned to me because we were short-handed. Usually I only have one. When I went to pick up the first student, which was at the farthest end of the school, he was still eating lunch—and he eats super slow. He was sitting at his desk, and it was hard to get him to cooperate so we could help move him to the wheelchair. Finally, when I got him strapped in, I set off pretty fast to get him to seminary. I parked him in the classroom, and asked the teacher if it was ok for me to leave him for a few minutes unattended while I picked up my other student. She was ok with that. Then I raced to the other end of the school to get my second student. He could only walk slowly, but we finally made it to the classroom just as the teacher started the lesson.

Sometimes this student asks, “I see a firetruck? I see an ambulance?” He really wants to see one, but usually there’s nothing to see. One time, as soon as I got him settled in class and was on my way back to the seminary, an ambulance raced down the street with flashing lights and siren in a code blue situation. I felt so bad that my student just barely missed it.

I would like to bear my testimony that I know the gospel of Jesus Christ is true. I’m grateful to be a missionary and serve the youth at the Dan Peterson Seminary, the Bishops’ Storehouse, and at the Mt Timpanogos Temple. I’m grateful to be able to teach the Plan of Salvation lesson to families in our ward. I’ve been thinking about my Patriarchal Blessing and some of the promises about my mission that are already being fulfilled even though I’ve only been out for a little over three months.

Our wood floors are finally finished, and we were able to move the furniture back into place. Papi and I did the heavy lifting, while Gram worked on the pad that goes under the rug. When we were finished, I grilled steak for dinner. Gram likes the way I cook it, so it’s always my job to grill whenever we have carne asada.

3 thoughts on “October 30-November 5, 2017

  1. Grama. Lakey

    OK. Those were great posts. Just got on your blog and read them all. You are a fantastic missionary. Glad you have this special time with your grandparents also. Forever memories. Living in Arizona again. Hardly call this winter. Arizona only had two temperatures. Hot and hotter. Been tearing out landscaping mostly cactus. Replanting with Queen Palms and Birds of Paradise and hibiscus. I need to see green and not mean plants that hurt you. I said good bye to a 30 foot ocotillo and felt no remorse. I am doing well but a little lonely at times. Your mission sounds tougher but you are the man for the calling. Keep up the good work. Those young men will all come up to you someday and thank you for your love and kindness. I talked with Sarah today and everthi g at home sounds good. I will be there for Thanksgivi g and the turkey trot..good times. Love you lots, Grama Xoxo

  2. Karmel Newell

    Thanks for sharing these, Elder Weir! We love reading about your mission. We would love to have you come and teach us a lesson sometime. ~Karmel Newell


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