“Oh, Nothing!”


"What did you learn at school today?"

“What did you learn at school today?”

Can every parent relate to this dialogue at the dinner table? Parent: “So what did you learn at school today?” Child: “Oh, nothing.”  As a teacher, I spent countless hours planning and preparing stimulating experiences to unleash student potential, and would have been crestfallen to hear this! Absolutely nothing? Really? Probably the child did learn something at school, but didn’t value it enough to remember and report. Similarly, my Heavenly Father must be disappointed in my failure to remember, report, and record what I learn each day. Each precious day of life is “school”—and Christ is my Master Teacher. He provides parables and gems of insight if I have eyes to see. If not, I show ingratitude for His efforts in my behalf, like the child saying, “Oh nothing” when asked what he learned in school. So, I decided to recount in prayer what I had learned at the end of each day. And then record it in my journal. At first I struggled to extract spiritual lessons from ordinary days. It was a stretch. But gradually I got the hang of it, and discovered, to my surprise, that there were many lessons drawn from seemingly unspectacular events. (Many of my blog ideas have come from this source.)  Give it a try. It has made life more meaningful and joyful to recognize God’s loving efforts to teach me.

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  1. Mollie

    This puts recording and reporting in a whole new perspective for me! Plus, I always remember more when I have to recount or write it down.


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