Our Little Secret


We like to do things together

We like to do things together

This is a wonderful stage of life! Much is said about the years of exuberant youth and the joyous child-rearing era. We loved those years, and now cherish a thousand memories with nostalgic smiles. But we’ve discovered a well-kept secret: These years are also fabulous with just the two of us in our cozy little house. Tears are dry from woefully waving goodbye to each child leaving the nest. Now we embrace new roles with our adult children, their spouses, and the wonderful world of grand-parenting. Now Alan and I have more time to nurture each other. We work side by side in complementary rhythm of strengths. We lift each other higher as we seek and explore new vistas, tackle challenges together, laugh and play, work and learn. We understand each other more completely, more compassionately. It feels like our souls are merged as one. This stage must be the full flowering season of marriage. Yes, there are wrinkles and sags in exchange for youth, but it’s a profitable trade. So, don’t feel sorry for us rattling around in an empty house. Look closely and notice the twinkle in our eyes!

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