Pass the Candle

At the close of our yearly Christmas Eve festivities, we PASS THE CANDLE. This activity can work with large family groups or small gatherings of friends. The tradition is to darken the room (except the Christmas tree) and light a candle set in a brass holder with sturdy handle. As each person holds the candle, he/she shares something meaningful—something personal from the heart. A 3-year old might simply say, “I love Jesus.” An adult might share a new truth learned and applied during the year. Someone else might express gratitude for someone dearly loved. Another might describe a kindly service rendered. Someone might express personal feelings about the Savior or a tender mercy recently experienced. Another might share a trial and what was learned from it. A wide variety of expressions unfold in this setting with ages ranging from the very young to the very old. A sweet, sacred spirit surrounds us and unites us. The last person blows out the candle and we kneel in family prayer. “Happy homes come in a variety of appearances. There are, however, identifying features: a pattern of prayer; a library of learning; a legacy of love” (Thomas S. Monson).

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