Payson LDS Temple

PaysonTempleDo you know how many Mormon temples there are in the world? Presently, there are 144 operating temples, and 14 more under construction. There are 15 new ones announced for construction—which will soon bring the total to 173. The recently completed Payson Utah Temple will have a free open house to the public starting Friday, April 24, and run through Saturday, May 23, 2015. It will be open every day except Sundays. Please accept my invitation to tour this wonderful temple prior to its dedication June 7. What is the purpose of a temple? It is a house of the Lord, a holy sanctuary in which sacred covenants are made and ordinances are performed for the living as well as in proxy in behalf of deceased ancestors. In this way, all have an opportunity to accept God’s Plan of Salvation. The central purpose of holy temples is to unite families for eternity. When a man and woman marry in the temple, their marriage is eternal if they keep their covenants. Stepping through temple doors, a person closes out the noisy world of chaos and contention to feel the Lord’s peace. His Spirit is felt in abundance. It is the Lord’s work performed in these holy places of worship. Participating in these sacred ordinances gives me Reasons to Rejoice.


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