Powerful Words

How do you feel today?

How do you feel today?

She had suffered poor health for many years when I asked, “How are you feeling today?” Even though she had always maintained a cheerful disposition throughout her many trials, I expected a laundry list of aches and pains. But I didn’t get a list. Her answer was simply, “I have no complaints.” She couldn’t have honestly said, “I feel fine”—because she didn’t. Immediately, I made a mental note to remember these four powerful words to use in a variety of situations—striving to remain positive when things are going badly. In such a case, if someone asks, “How are things going?”—I will smile and say, “I have no complaints.” One day President Thomas S. Monson noticed a fellow elevator passenger looking dejectedly at the floor. Amused, President Monson asked, “What are you looking at down there?” Then added with a smile and twinkle in his eyes, “It is better to look up.” These six words added to the four previous ones make a total of ten powerful words that will make a difference in the way I maneuver through tough days. I will forget the day’s troubles and remember the day’s blessings.


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  1. Bonnie Dolberg

    Thanks. I needed those words. This week has BEEN hard, but truly “I have no complaints” and I’ll try harder to “always look up!” Thanks for your continued inspiration. Bonnie


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