Promise of Spring


Buds pushing into spring sunlight

Buds pushing into spring sunlight

What do you smell in the air and feel on the breeze?  Could it possibly be a new season springing forth?  I get excited each spring when the snow has melted and the grass starts to show life.  This renewal of life for many plants is a reaffirmation of the wonderous plan under which the earth operates.  As scientists have discovered, this planet is unique from others by providing the elements needed to support and sustain all forms of life. Its seasons and rotations were created under a plan developed by our loving Heavenly Father, not some random act or catastrophic event as some suppose. Humans are the benefactors of this great plan. 

Spring's new life

Spring’s new life

This earth plays a significant part of Christ’s Plan of Happiness or Plan of Salvation.  According to the Savior’s plan, mankind is privileged to enter the earth (similar to spring) to begin our mortal existence under the tutelage of loving parents.  Our experiences teach us what we must do to return to live with our Heavenly parents.  Even though our existence includes joy as well as adversity, it will be for our benefit. We grow more when challenged with resistance.  As I celebrate this time of year, I look heavenward and thank the Lord for His glorious plan leading to happiness in this life as well as eternity.

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