I want to be a person whose word can be trusted.

I want to be a person whose word can be trusted.

“Did you say 7 o’clock? Sure, I’ll be there!” But he turned out to be a no-show. Years ago, a promise was binding. Giving one’s word was absolute and obligatory—a measure of one’s personal integrity. I found this line amusing from a 19th century novel:  “You have my promise. I will never speak of this, so long as I am unaware of any urgent necessity existing for its disclosure. But should that necessity come, then I shall ask you to release me from my promise.” Can you imagine someone today asking to be released from a promise?  Sadly, the current trend is for promises to be casually given and frequently abandoned. Why isn’t one’s word held in high esteem as it once was? What can I do to make a difference? I certainly can’t change a world swamped in lies, but I can raise myself to a higher standard. I want to be a person whose word can be trusted, like my father’s. If he committed to perform a particular assignment, consider it already done. It would be done without delay or prompts. If he said he would be there, his presence was assured without reminders. If he promised to hold a secret, it was secure. When my father promised me anything, he could be trusted. I pledge to carry on this legacy of integrity. I want to be truth telling, truth living, truth seeking, and truth loving.


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