Rescuing Me


I Needed Rescue

I Needed Rescue

Do you remember this childhood game? A person enters a room full of people who have preciously hidden an object. They call out clues—“Warm…warmer…no, now you’re getting cold, colder, freezing…” Responding to shouted clues, the person redirects his path until the object is found. The Holy Ghost works like that with me, whispering warm or cold signals to direct my path to be in harmony with God. I remember a day when my heart felt hard and cold as a rock. I felt “off” all day because I was nursing an offense over some slight. As I attended to my daily tasks, I formulated justifications for my wound. I built a strong case for myself. I was getting cold, colder, freezing…But divine rescue intercepted this frozen path, and placed in my mind an act of kindness that this person had performed some years prior, which I had forgotten. Remembering this kindness allowed my heart to begin thawing from its icy state. Darkness began to lift and warmth and light returned. Silently, I thanked Heavenly father for this rescue, for helping me see this person’s worth instead of fault. I saw my little grievance as a tiny gnat, easily swatted away. Divine rescue comes in many forms each day. I’m not only rescued from countless physical dangers as I bump along the landmines of my dangerous world, but a divine hand reaches out to reel me back to the path that leads to Him, time after time!

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  1. Mollie

    So so true… I think of it as a blessing that I can recognize when the warmth leaves… And can usually retrace my words, actions etc to the moment I went from hot to cold. Thank you for such an effective analogy! This is the tip of the iceberg for a great discussion or lesson. Excited to use this in my Sunday school class- maybe even start with the game.


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