Return to Modesty

For riveting summer reading, I recommend the excellent book, Return to Modesty, by Wendy Shalit. Here are a few nuggets of truth that she bravely illuminated:

  • Changing promiscuity in society must come through women, as life comes through her. Women have the eternal feminine power to spiritualize mankind.
  • If women want men to be good—they must be good.
  • Modesty is infinitely more than what we wear. It is a way of thinking and being. It emerges from a deep vision of one’s own worth.
  • When the wind blows, all women are overwhelmed by the natural instinct of modesty to hunch over and pin their skirts down. Embarrassment in exposing one’s body is actually a wonderful signal that something isn’t quite right.
  • Immodest dress and conduct is offensive to those who value modesty.
  • Society teaches and values independence ahead of virtue.
  • In former days, modesty gave women freedom to withhold affection until a virtuous man came around. Men were inspired to become worthy of her.
  • Modesty is about knowing, protecting, and directing passion to something higher.
  • Rather than treating men as animals, modesty invites men to act honorably.
  • What is truly beautiful in a woman is her charity, mercy, and grace. An indicator of true manhood is acting with honor—not scoring conquests.

If you agree with these points, you’ll love this book.

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