Sweet Moments in Ordinary Days

Overnight on the trampoline

Overnight on the trampoline

On a clear spring evening, Alan and I decided to spend the night on the trampoline in our back yard. We arranged foam pads under sleeping bags, and fluffed pillows to cradle our heads. After getting all situated, we snuggled together holding hands, looking up at the Big Dipper. We talked quietly of our love and began to enumerate bounteous blessings, though it seemed like trying to count stars in the heavens. We listened to crickets and water raging down our creek. The air was fragrant with lilacs mingled with fresh-cut grass and new foliage on overhanging trees. Though our cheeks were frosty, we felt warm under blankets. Our hearts were full like the silver moon creeping slowly over our heads. We decided to frequently create and celebrate sweet moments in ordinary days. After offering a prayer of gratitude, we sighed with contentment and drifted off to sleep—the sleep of babes. We don’t need to fly to a remote island or spend big bucks on a vacation to experience rest, peace, and beauty. We can find it everywhere, even in our own back yard—if we cherish the sweet moments God has already given us. One more REASON to REJOICE.

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  1. Mollie

    Yes! This is not a strength of mine but I thought of this while Pressing my cheek up against my newborn’s cheek, smelling the sweetness… Cherishing ordinary moments that twenty years from now will be my most treasured memories.


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