The Beauty of Holiness

What is beauty?What is real beauty? What is counterfeit beauty? The adversary entices women in a frenzied quest to secure an unattainable, flawless image. Women obsess, starve, shop, spend, and go under the knife—yet still are not content. The adversary tauntingly dangles this elusive beauty just out of reach, while placing an increasingly high value upon it. This leads to discontent, even self-loathing. Instead of reverencing our bodies as sacred, holy temples, Satan tempts us to view them with disgust because they fall short of flawless images flashed before our eyes in the media. But I want to view myself (and others) the way Christ does—recognizing the exquisite beauty of the soul. I want to acquire and value the “beauty of holiness” (1 Chronicles 16:29). It is deep beauty of the soul shining through one’s countenance. Beauty of holiness is marked by features of goodness, kindness and love.  As I age, I want to accept the fair exchange of diminished external beauty for greater wisdom and refinement within. I will express gratitude every day for the gift of my body, and think positive thoughts about it. As I learn to honor my own body, I believe that increased reverence for others will naturally follow.

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