The Gift of Yourself

Here is an idea to honor a parent. Several years ago my son (a father of four) called from another state to reserve an entire day to spend with me, one-on-one. He flew in on a Friday night and we made a list of fun things to do the next day. We took a summer chair lift ride to the top of the mountain, then hiked down, talking and laughing all the way. We ate a lingering lunch at the resort while exploring a wide range of topics, leaning across the table in rapt attention. We exchanged insights gleaned from favorite books and explored goals we want to achieve. Before returning home, we browsed through little shops and bought some fudge. The day was soul-nourishing as well as fun. My cup of joy was filled and brimming over. That evening he jumped aboard a plane taking him back to his sweet family. It was a rare and precious gift to have my son all to myself for a day. At this season of the year, we often peruse the stores for the perfect gift for our parents. Whether your mother or father lives far away or around the corner, I recommend offering this one-on-one gift of “yourself.” It will be cherished above all things that money could buy.

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