The High Road

It was the end of a difficult day. I was struggling against feelings of resentment toward someone who had acted dishonestly. There was a justifiable legal recourse we could take, but this would drag us into a contentious battle over a prolonged period of time. After evening prayer, Alan and I climbed into bed and lay awake for a long time exploring various options. My tears were close to the surface because I couldn’t see a clear path to resolve the problem. Finally, my wise sweetheart said, “My suggestion is for us to stay on the high road. If we choose to keep our course straight and our standards high—if we never stoop to resentment or revenge, the Lord will help us manage as He has in the past. I think it’s best to let this issue go. Everything will work out.” Hearing this counsel, I immediately felt a change settle over me. Frustration turned to peace. The Spirit confirmed that this was the right course to pursue in this situation. Later I framed a magnificent photograph of a “high road” to keep us in remembrance of this path. It applies to every choice in life.

The high road reveals a clear view

The high road reveals a clear view

One thought on “The High Road

  1. Max Eldon Jones

    Thank you for your blog with something I have struggled with in my life. Your blogs are evolving into real life situations, which I appreciate. I was reading Alma 7:15 this morning (3:00 a.m.). “come and fear not, and lay aside every sin which easily doth beset [me]. ” The word easy describes my weaknesses perfectly. I need constant reminders to lay aside all my weaknesses. Thank you for being mentors. Max


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