The Lord’s Plan of Happiness

Plan of HappinessWhile attending a recent funeral, I was reminded of these important truths:

  1. We are children of Heavenly Father who knows and loves us individually. We lived with Him as spirits before birth. He prepared a plan for us to be born on earth to receive bodies of flesh and bone to be tested away from our heavenly home, to learn by experience to choose good over evil.
  2. Jesus Christ is our Savior, who atoned for repentant sin, so that we can become clean from mistakes that we make during our earthly sojourn.
  3. When we die, our spirits proceed to the spirit world to continue learning and developing. Eventually, all those in the spirit world will be resurrected where the spirit and body are joined inseparably together.
  4. After resurrection, we will be brought before the Savior Jesus Christ to be judged with perfect judgment—our thoughts, deeds, and desires of the heart. He has prepared mansions of glory for His followers.

With this knowledge I covenant to follow my Savior. I testify of great happiness that comes from following His plan. Follow the link below to learn more.

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