Too Set in My Ways?

10168060_10153114658437264_9145099302898233658_n[1]“Am I getting set in my ways?” This is a question I keep asking myself because as each year clicks by, I become more steeped in habit. There are, of course, habits I will never compromise. For example, I will hold tightly to gospel principles and doctrines I know to be true from undeniable witnesses of the Holy Ghost. I will never compromise my testimony or conversion. On the other hand, I want to remain open to new ideas, learning, concepts, and precepts. I want to maintain a healthy thirst for knowledge and be interested in a wide variety of things. I don’t want to become so set in my ways that I close my mind to new possibilities, fresh perspectives, new paths and opportunities for growth. I want to stretch and forge unfamiliar vistas while remaining true to my convictions. “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream” (C.S. Lewis). As I press forward through the remaining years of mortality, I will trust God completely, trust His purposes for me, and trust His curriculum for my learning and refinement. Most importantly, I will trust His timetable.

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