Unrealistic Expectations Can Be Dangerous

A Truly Daunting Task

A Truly Daunting Task

During my working years as a consulting engineer, I often felt like a man juggling many balls in the air while trying desperately not to drop any of them. Soon I had to modify these unrealistic expectations. When I had to stay at work late into the night, I was being a very good consulting engineer. When I left work early to attend a granddaughter’s soccer game, I was being a very good grandfather. When I kept the Sabbath day holy I was being a very good Church member. Interestingly, I learned that I can’t be the best at everything all at the same time. priorities[1]The key: Identify the most important items for that day to assure their completion. Make sure the most important (not necessarily the most urgent) things are the priorities. Those in the second tier of importance can usually be rolled into the next day. For me, the priorities include: prayer, scripture study, exercise, family needs, work, and service. “The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities” (Stephen Covey).

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