Want Your Dreams to Be?


What can I be?

What can I be?


“What is that going to be?” are the words that run through my mind as I pass by a new building that is being constructed.  As an engineer I wonder if the contractor is following the design to achieve its optimal functionality. I have learned over the years that even a slight variation from the plans may result in problems in the future.  Life is the same in many aspects. Words of a song by Donovan, from Brother Sun, Sister Moon, describe the process this way:


If you want your dream to be Build it slow and surely. Small beginnings, greater ends Heartfelt work grows purely.


If you want to live life free Take your time go slowly. Do few things but do them well Simple joys are holy.


As the lyrics imply, assure your dreams by following the plans, not rushing but by taking care in the craftsmanship and doing all things well. A well-crafted temple cannot be built on a foundation intended for a lesser purpose.  To follow my dreams mean following what Heavenly Father wants me to become, as He is the Author of my spirit.  As the general contractor in the building of my temple, I must start with a firm foundation and finish with the details worthy of being a son of God.  Any variation from that plan will make me fall short of the goal of living in the presence of the Great Designer, our Creator, in the hereafter.


The ultimate goal~ Mount Timpanogos Temple

The ultimate goal~
Mount Timpanogos Temple


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