We Want to be Known As…


Service is fun!

Service is fun!

During a long road trip through wide-open spaces, we posed a question to each other which gobbled up a bunch of time batting it back and forth. Having already grasped the essence of personal identity developed earlier in our individual mission statements, we asked ourselves, “How do we want to be known as a couple?” Here are a few ideas we discussed: We want to be known as a couple *…Who serves others without needing to be recognized; *…Who lives within their means; *…Who is genuinely interested in others and brings them out in conversation; *…Who can be depended on; *…Who keeps their promises; *…Who cherishes each other with kindness and respect; *…Who submits gracefully to the aging process without complaint; *…Who values learning through study and life’s observations; *…Who radiates joy in life and in each other; *…Who lives a healthy lifestyle; *…Who knows how to work hard together; *…Who smiles and laughs readily; *…Who maintains home with order and simple beauty; *…Who strives to be better each day; *…Who is always on time; *…Who is “other-centered” rather than self-focused. This fun and unifying discussion illuminated a clearer view of who we are and what we want to become.

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