What are our Strengths?

It’s a good idea for couples to discuss and actually write down strengths in their marriage relationship. This activity helps to identify and reinforce the positive things. We did this and listed the following strengths:

  • Honoring. Respectful communication; many expressions of gratitude; loving affirmations; physical affection.
  • Absence of Contention.
  • Exchanged kindnesses. Anticipating needs in thoughtful gestures.
  • Unity in priorities and values. Sharing a love of God and desire to be faithful; sharing similar goals; having reverence for life and each other.
  • Playfulness and humor. We laugh a lot.
  • Appreciation of each other’s differences and strengths. This is unifying.
  • Shared enjoyment in serving others.

You might try this as we did, on a date night sitting across the table at dinner. It might surprise you to identify some delightful new dimensions of your partnership that were previously overlooked. By reinforcing the positive, this activity supports the commandment: “Thou shalt live together in love” (D&C 42:45).

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