What He Gives; What I Give


I need Christ in my life

I need Christ in my life

As a very young child, I remember a specific day sitting up straight on a hard bench in Jr. Sunday school, hands folded in my lap, knees pressed together. For a few moments I listened intently to instruction and yearned with all my heart to be good, hoping that posture and attentiveness would qualify me. But in the many years following—try as I might—there have been missteps and lapses of judgment, immature actions, bungles and stumbles while learning to walk a spiritual path. Gratitude fills my heart that my Savior redeemed me from inevitable separation from God. Christ does for me what I could never do for myself. He forgives my mistakes, lifts my burdens, renews my soul, and transforms my nature. He promises resurrection after death and qualifies me for glory hereafter. In return for so much, I commit to receive the ordinances of salvation, love and serve His children, and continue an attitude of repentance and faithfulness throughout my life. As trials cross my path, my Savior speaks peace to my soul—promising that all things will work together for my good. Mercifully, He measures growth rather than height, and celebrates my baby steps forward. I feel my soul stretching toward His light just as leaves turn to the sun. The symbols of Easter—new birth, resurrection, and eternal life—are the greatest of all Reasons to Rejoice!

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